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Business Phone with Powerful AI Receptionist

AI answering service made simple

Natural-sounding and adaptable just as a human. Simply describe your business, give instructions, and we'll do the rest!

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We took care of the complex, so you don't have to

Qlary is the simplest and fastest way to leverage AI for customer support hotlines. Used standalone or with existing support teams, it addresses resource and technical challenges for businesses of any scale.

Adapts to business context

Whether you're offering pest control, cleaning, heating and ventilation, or any other home services, Qlary intelligently adapts to the nature of your business. It understands your business description, and takes custom instructions as needed to further tailor to your needs.

Specialized AI roles

Are you real estate broker who need a single contact point for your customer inquiries? Or a lawyer who needs a receptionist who can handle preliminary client intake? Qlary is the advanced AI receptionist that can be customized beyond noting appointments.

AI for your front desk

Let AI take care of your office calls and track them all in one place. Get full transparency of all your inquiries, with automatic audio recording, transcription, and case sorting. Get an additional employee at the cost of a business phone.

Not just a business line - it's your own call center desk

Say goodbye to expensive answering services and complex software setup. For the cost of a business phone line, you get a fully functional call center desk with web dashboard and mobile companion.

Natural interaction

Humans talk in diverse ways - and AI should be able to handle that.

Auto sorting

Whether it's an inquiry, order, refund, or something else, they all get sorted for you.

Call summary

Save the transcripts for records - get the key information from summaries at one glance.

Dashboard and alerts

Track customer call summaries in the dashboard. Receive  alerts on the go.

From people who helped enterprises build

Qlary is not just an app - it's a solution built upon years of experience in data systems, cloud computing, solutions architecture, and machine learning. We've built for enterprises, and now we build for you. No fake demos and  hype - we deliver the value to you today.

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Will it work for my business?

Qlary AI is flexible, equipped with general context on a wide variety of known business models and industries. When provided with specific nuances unique to your business, Qlary adapts and handles conversations intelligently.

How can does the AI agent know my business context?

You write it in the business activity section during setup. You can include various information such service overviews, product portfolios, pricing, ongoing promotions, or specific customer advisories. Just remember that it is intended to be a public-facing interface - be sure you don't put privileged information.

Can it connect automatically to a live human agent?

Review of full transcripts and audio will be made available through a web inferface to be released.

Can I use my own models, API keys, and/or prompts?

Starter and Starter models are offered mainly to non-developers for a completely non-technical setup. Please reach out for a custom developer-oriented enterprise use case.

Are calls private and secure?

Calls take place over SSL-encrypted connections, through reliable and enterprise grade communications API.

Where can I review call transcripts and raw audio recordings?

Access to full transcripts and audio will be made available through the web dashboard interface.

Can it automatically perform an action if caller identity has been verified?

Our Receptionist AI currently does not perform caller identity verification in-call. Please reach out for an enterprise use case on internal systems integration.