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STARTER - $49/mo
Call Minutes: 500 per month
Processed Calls: 100 per month
Simultaneous Calls: Up to 2
Brief Summary: Includes 1 Receptionist AI, automated case processing, and mobile app alerts. Ideal for local and small businesses.

STANDARD - $99/mo
Call Minutes: 1000 per month
Processed Calls: 250 per month
Simultaneous Calls: Up to 3
Brief Summary: Offers 1 Receptionist AI, automated case processing, and mobile app alerts. Suited for medium-sized businesses with a larger reach.

Call Minutes: Customizable
Processed Calls: Customizable
Simultaneous Calls: Customizable
Brief Summary: Features customizable capacity, advanced AI roles, knowledge sandbox integration, automated reports, analytics, system integration, and multi-channel alerts. Designed for enterprise-scale productivity with advanced AI customization.

Key Feature Comparison

The key features for live-answering services

aime reception
24/7 Live Call Answering
Available at all times. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Adapts to your business
Understands your business to provide the most helpful responses to callers.
Lead Capture
Capture lead requirements and contact information
Real-time Transcription
Get the full transcript of every call so that you can review them for quality assurance and improve procedures
Automatic categorization
Every call can have a different purpose. Categorize calls into different buckets such as Booking, Inquiries, Rescheduling, etc for better management.
Call Summary Generation
Get a quick summary of every call so that you can prioritize requests easily.
Mobile app alerts
Stay in touch with your business with mobile alerts on the go and handy dashboards.

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